vote Michael Idrogo for U.S. Congress


Vote Michael Idrogo for U.S. Congress
– decorated Navy commander veteran of foreign wars
– Commissioned officer of the United States, 1983.
– Deputized by U.S. Federal Judge, 1989.
– also worked with CARABINIERI (Italy version of the F.B.I.)
– Officer on aircraft, aircraft carriers, & vessels of U.S. Navy, U.S. Marine Corps, U.S. Air Force, and U.K. Royal Air Force. Have resided around the world.
– D.I.A. officer (highly classified Defense Intelligence Agency).
– (Have also run for office of mayor; michaelformayor )

Four Broward Deputies Waited Outside School As Children Were Massacred

THERE ARE 302 AIRLINERS operating that SHOULD NOT BE IN THE AIR! Vote Michael Idrogo to permanently ground those airliners!!

#sanantonio Girls as young as 13 prostitution for higher ups SAPD/Bexar County. Come vote Michael forCONGRESS,Tue13Mar7PM HOLIDAY INN AIRPORT 91NE LOOP410;bringID,voter regis.Attend if U DID NOT vote in Other party primaries. LibertarianPrecinctConvention

#UTSA #sanantoniocollege #sanantonio FREE COLLEGE TUITION! MORE TAX CUTS! Come vote Michael forCONGRESS,Tue13Mar7PM HOLIDAY INN AIRPORT 91NE LOOP410;bringID,voter regis.Attend if U DID NOT vote inOther party primaries.LibertarianPrecinctConvention.

Michael Idrogo:
– Will initiate A RENAISSANCE to move District 20 & San Antonio forward as an Economic Powerhouse in the world.
– Will seek non-stop airline service between San Antonio and Europe.
– Will seek to help develop high-speed rail to Austin, Houston, Corpus Christi..
– Will establish methods by which homeowners and property owners can generate (for example solar, wind) electricity to sell back to the public utility. DONE !!! SELL SOLAR POWER BACK TO CPS ENERGY!!

– Will establish methods by which all San Antonians can develop intellectual properties for sale to the world (internet, recorded materials, etc.).
– Will put light rail on hold and instead develop monorail between AT&T Center – Alamodome – Airport – etc.
* * * Monorail is much less expensive than light rail.
* * * Monorail creates a new level of transport that can travel at 80 miles per hour.
* * * Monorail can enter a building through a second or third floor and exit out the other side.
* * * Monorail does not create greater traffic jams; travels above car traffic; doesn’t have to stop at every road intersection for a red light.
* * * Monorail can move many thousands more passengers per hour and much faster than light rail.

UPDATE: Monday 7 March 2011; Complain that there is massive corruption in the the City of San Antonio (including the Mayor, the City Manager, the City Attorney, Police Chief, et alia), in Bexar County, in the Bexar County Kangaroo Courthouse and the Bexar County Injustice Center.

Questionable deaths; tortures (and questionable deaths) in the jail that would make Abu Ghraib look like child’s play; raiding of public monies for private gain; criminal activities emanating from within the courthouse; bid rigging for contract awards; prostitution for cops, attorneys, and judges; an alleged VIOLENT rape of a 14-year old by a local U.S. Congressman (covered up by the D.A.’s office, et alia); and even a Federal judge here in town who likes to beat up prostitutes until they are almost dead.

McManus & Sculley have got to go!!!

Reports of tons of corruption; including: girls as young as 13, prostitution for higher ups in San Antonio Police Department; judges who operate prostitution & burglary rings with judges getting first pick on the loot, gold jewelry melted down, burglars paid with illegal drugs; some attorneys acting as couriers for Mexico drug cartels, etc., etc. SA corruption money man arrested by FBI !! Who’s next? Castros? Niremberg? Sculley? McManus? et alia?

It’s a select few of very corrupt persons who wish to keep this city of a million slaves under their oppression. (They also abuse, employ, and control the local press, media, chambers of commerce, and even down to your neighborhood associations.) I NEED YOUR VOTE and together we can clean up corruption and election rigging in San Antonio; and please always vote out all judges/D.A. and also write and complain to the United States Department of Justice, Public Integrity Office and to the F.B.I. Public Corruption unit in Washington, D.C.

2006 Texas State Representative Dist 125 election
Joaquin Castro
Jeffrey Blunt

2010 Texas State Representative Dist 125 election
Jaquin Castro
Jeffrey Blunt

2014 United States House of Representatives Dist 20 election
Jaquin Castro
Jeffrey Blunt

2016 United States House of Representatives Dist 20 election
Jaquin Castro
Jeffrey Blunt

an accomplice of a hawker, gambler, or swindler who acts as an enthusiastic customer to entice or encourage others.
act or work as a shill.

United States Code Title 18. The main criminal code of the federal government of the United States.

Feds have already arrested a couple of persons; more to follow!

Possible Cenotaph relocation slammed

Deported Gang Members Coming Back Into U.S.

New York’s Waldorf Astoria is now controlled by the Chinese government

The Media Lied To You Again This Week: Obama Was No Tough Guy, And Putin Knew It

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